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Kingworld Event at Superdome

Roger King of King World Productions (Television Syndicator) held a huge promotional party at the Superdome in New Orleans for 5000 guests during NATPE. Featuring extravagant food and bars, this was a celebration for their syndicated shows and a revamped Hollywood Squares with Whoopi Goldberg. It featured an Elton John Performance in a separate seating area. This event is still referred today as an "over the top" successful party with a budget of approximately $3 million.
"It was beyond belief" recalls Russell Myerson, former NATPE Chairman and now an executive of The CW. "Every Year it was, "Can you top this?"
Hollywood Reporter, January 2013

Initial rigging being setup for lighting displays. This huge events had over 800 lighting elements.

Installation took over 6 days during which there was a WWF Dynamite Tuesday event for 40,000 people. Because of this Elton John's set had to be pre-rigged and floated. We had to construct a reveal curtain that was 75 Feet high by 150 feet to allow the work to go on unseen during this huge wrestling event.

A huge cityscape resembling NYC's Manhattan skyline was constucted with over 50,000 square feet of digitally printed softgoods.

48 Tons of scaffolding were used for this event!

Varieties of TV personalities and Shows were projected throughout the Cityscape.

Here is initial lighting setup overlooking the stunning softgoods.

Logos and show names were projected on the floor throughout the hall where the food and bars were located, some of which were setup like city cabs.

Photo is of final setup - ready to serve.

At midnight, a convoy of police cars came escorting a limosine through the crowd to deliver Elton John through 2 large doors, 80' wide by 45' high which allowed the crowd to enter a seated area for the concert.

This photo shows the actual event before the concert.

The Walls that opened up for the conert then followed the audience from behind and created carry-off walls from the Elton John Set. It took a crew of 160 to move the walls into place.

Photo shows the set being constructed.