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Pepsi RNC

The Republican National Conventions 1996

In 1996 we were able to provide the Republican National Committee with a new way to evaluate designs for their Gala event to take place for the first time in San Diego. They wanted to provide an elegant outdoor event on the waterfront with the skyline as a backdrop. Through innovative usage of early internet and advanced visualization technologies we developed inital views of their vision. Working remotely from California we provided them with immediate visual input with 3D models to see their ideas at meetings in Washington. This approach gave them a new ability to make quick decisions which expanded the scope of the event. We were able to show how they could hold three different types of parties, including the Gala in the same location. This presented a more cost effective way to undertake this large outdoor event, while providing a way to get the three factions representing Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich and Haley Barbour to work together. The Gala event where the new presidential nominee takes the stage after the convention is considered a primary fund-raising vehicle for the party, and this year it was particularly great. C-SPAN reported it as the most financially successful event that the RNC had ever had!
C-SPAN Coverage Video

We worked with Creativity Center's 2c3d technologies to show potential placement of the staging and seating capabilities on the peninsula. The RNC was captivated by this method, and made a quick decision to use the city backdrop. They then were able to see how to expand this into three different events.

An early 3D model of peninsula with gala event layout.

After many iterations, the final design was locked down. PAN provided a method of sound transparent, neutral colored scrim to allow lighting and video effects to provide differentiation between the different nights. Our addition of the Gold Star for the Gala Event further underlined the elegance of that night.

Model of final gala event layout with Skyline in the background.
We wrapped the scaffolding used for PA system and video screens giving an infinite possibilities for the look to change both during and through the three nights.

Photo shows setting up the stage before the scrim covered the scaffolding.
Although you can see the Gold Star sitting in front, the first two nights did not utilize that feature. Prior to the convention starting all of the vendors involved in putting on the convention at the San Diego Convention Center convened for a party to show off their plans for the large event. We were the only ones to display them digitally.

This shows scrim covering the scaffolding as we setup for the first night.
The first night's event was held on the grass in a typical party fashion, we continued using the 3D visual capabilities to work with the San Diego Fire Marshall to decide the maximum amount of people that could be allowed into this event, it was the largest event they had held on the peninsula.

Plain setup with no tables allowed for a party for 10,000 + sponsored by Haley Barbour.
Newt Gingrich wanted a special night with a Travis Tritt concert, this place was really on a roll. Years later this innovative approach is still commented on... "The party-every-night tradition goes back to the GOP's San Diego convention in 1996" (USA Today)

"Our Great Country" night sponsored by Newt Gingrich with Concert and Dinner for 6,000+.

Setting up the tables for Gala Event providing an elegant setting for 3,500.

The Gala Event full setup as guest arrive.

The Gala Event with orchestra and video feed starting to fill up.

This is a picture of the full crowd at the Gala Event with the San Diego Skyline.