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Understanding Production
Neil Young's "Greendale" Touring Set


Starting Point
Neil Young filmed a movie at the Fox Theater in LA 2002 that served as the basis for his touring set design

6 Hours
Rolly Steele 'napkin sketch' fax of proposed set positions

24 Hours
Initial 3D Model and plan view created referencing Fox photos and napkin sketch

32 Hours

Second version of stage set with floor treatment

48 Hours
AutoCAD Planview allows Rocket Science to begin working drawings on Elevator

86 Hours
Input from Neil Young (in Hawaii) reflected in version 5 of Plan and virtual model

120 Hours
Set is delivered to Shoreline for rehearsals. Measurements are taken and adjustments made to the model to bring it to as built dimensions

140 Hours
Design process begins for eagle element. Wes and Rolly work through concept and post to site. Rolly gets immediate sign off. Fabricator is ready in Atlanta to begin construction in the morning

150 Hours
Trucks leave for East Coast and Eagle Element is waiting for them 78 hours later

On Tour
Neil Young 2003 Summer Tour-Greendale