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Pepsi RNC

Pepsi's 100th Anniversary Party in Hawaii

Pepsi's 100th anniversary event is still considered the largest private event ever held on the big island of Hawaii.
Guests were spread over 4 hotels including the Hilton Waikoloa Resort near where the event was held on a specially prepared 15 acre site.
45 buses were used to shuttle them around and a 400 car parking lot was established.
This 5 day event required our creative advance planning to compliment the innovative structure utilized to allow such a large event to happen on top of lava fields.

This event required erecting a 1.5 acre air force hanger tent which had to be freestanding with no support poles. To feed and support the 4,000 guests over 5 days, a complete kitchen was built and two full bathroom facilities were constructed.

This is a picture of the free standing tent from the outside.
The tent had to be able to support the enormous lighting rig necessary to carry off the complicated aspects of this show.

This picture shows the lighting rig being ready to be raised.
With over 200 motors and 500 instruments, this show was and may still be, the largest lighting rig hung in a temporary structure.

This is a picture of the rig at trim in the tent.
It took 50 sea freight containers to bring over all of the tangible elements that made up this show from the mainland.

This is a picture of the six 20 ton air-conditioning units that were brought over.

The main set for Pepsi set was completely built in our shop and proofed to insure an effective performance, as is our general rule for events.

Here special column lighting elements and custom screen surrounds are shown being built in our facilities.
The final result was stunning, and provided a captivating week of entertainment and fun.

This is a picture of the show ready set having final lighting adjustments.
Guests for this Pepsi Celebration came from all over the world, and important dignitaries highlighted the week with speeches.

This is a picture of Former President George H. Bush's presentation.
The final effect was tremendously successful.

This is a picture of Margaret Thatcher's presentation.
Four nights of entertainment were also produced, inclueding Ray Charles, River Dance, Earth Wind and Fire, and to close the week The Rolling Stones. This required building a set designed by Michael Hottop that allowed for 7 different looks.

This is a picture of the Ray Charles Show at the event.
It was big news for Kona when the Rolling Stones arrived to perform for this private event.

MTV Article on event

This is a picture of the Rolling Stones playing at the event.